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While you are still my baby

While you are still my baby
We have less than 4 weeks until we bring in our newest bundle of joy into the world, but I can’t help this feeling of sadness come over me. I am excited, anxious, nervous… feeling every feeling you can imagine right now, this baby is what we have wanted for so long now, especially after experiencing loss last year. But right now, with all of these emotions and excitement we are feeling I have to take a step back and really think about the One who made me a mom. Right now, in this moment she is still our only baby (even though she is three, she is my baby)

I have been purposely making more initiative to spend quality time with her. Whether that’s laying down having movie nights with popcorn, playing games on her Leap-pad, taking her to pumpkin patches, etc.… whatever it may be I want her to know that we are still here, her world is going to be changed forever when we bring this sweet baby home, but I do not want her to feel less loved because she has a new sibling. I have been researching and asking friends for tips on how to smoothly transition the new baby into Mia’s world. I received some really great advice that I am sharing below.

•Start calling them big brother/sister: positive words encouraging them help them already prepare for the transition. Example:
-“Wow thank you for helping me, you are going to be a great big sister!”
-Let them help you prepare for the baby whether it is setting up the nursery, opening the gifts from the baby shower. Let them feel apart of the experience.
•Have gift for them when you come home from the hospital:
-This gift does not have to be anything big, just something simple that is from the baby to him or her.
•Lastly, planned quality time with them. With chaos of bringing home a new baby you want to make sure you are still making time for your first baby. This is life changing for them.
-My mom will be helping out a few days a week while I am on maternity leave, so I plan on utilizing some of that time to spend quality time Mia.
While you are still my baby
These are just a few tips that really stood out to me when researching and asking for advice. I do not know what to expect when we have our second child, but I know not to expect perfection. Will things go wrong? Yes, absolutely. Will you feel overwhelmed and emotional about the entire process? More than likely. But you got this mama! We got this and our children will know and feel how loved they are.
Let me know in the comments below if you have already experienced this and what are some tips you could share with this transition process.
While you are still my baby



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