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My Top Favorite Baby Products from Amazon

Today you can register almost anywhere when preparing for a baby and these places give such great perks when you register with them. Below I have listed my top 5 baby products from Amazon that I am really glad I have. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
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Fisher Price Sit –Me-Up Floor Seat
I highly recommend this seat, I got this seat as a baby shower gift and it definitely came in handy. This not only helped my daughter build up her strength to sit up but it also gave me a few moments of hands free time to clean up around the house. This sit me up seat is also perfect for on the go when you do not have a high chair around and need to feed your baby.

Fisher Price Piano Play Mat
This was also another gift I received and have been using this to my full advantage. My daughter started using this for tummy time when she was just a few weeks old and is still using this today at 6 months old. I like that it comes not only with a piano but also with toys, it’s very interactive and keeps her occupied for a little while. Add this to your registry, you will need it and your little will love it!

Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center
Ok, now this item I purchased myself. My daughter got to a point where she just wanted me to hold her so she can stand up. I researched all of the bounce arounds and this one had great reviews and is a great price! When I say this was the best baby toy I have bought so far…. I MEAN it. This keeps her occupied long enough for me to clean or get anything else done that may take a little bit of time.

Urbini Omini Car seat/Stroller Combo
My husband and I have been truly blessed with receiving the large gifts for our daughter before she was born and this combo set was one of the gifts we received. This stroller is AWESOME!! I just love that it comes with a carriage that adjusts to sitting up, if we’re out and about we just lay the carriage down so she can sleep. You can also take the carriage part off and just attach the car seat, this stroller combo is really flexible and it’s such a great brand!

Dr. Brown’s Infant Bottle Set
This product was one of my favorite items/bottle brands to use with my daughter. The bottles come with a tube inside of them to help prevent colic for your babies. It is definitely on the top of my must have lists when it comes to bottle brands!

Hopefully my top baby items from amazon help you out! Please feel free to tell me what your favorite baby products from amazon are! Also, if you like this post please share so others can check it out as well! Bye Loves!


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  1. I had some similar items for my girls when they were babies (a long time ago lol)
    Great picks!

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