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Top 3 postpartum recovery tips

Top 3 postpartum recovery tips
Hi Cuties! How crazy is it that I am already 18 weeks postpartum and have been back at work 6 weeks this week? Time really does fly by. The beginning started off great, but I knew I still had a long road of recovery ahead of me, especially when it came time for me to return to work. I feel like all the hormones and emotions hit me like a train when I returned to work so I wanted to take it one day at a time. Now that I have created a routine and have some since of normalcy back, I wanted to share with you all my top 3 postpartum recovery tips. Now even though these worked very well for me they may not for some of you. I encourage each of you to at least give them a try, the postpartum care you give yourself during this time is crucial.

Top 3 Postpartum Recovery Tips

1.Give Yourself Grace

– This is one of the tips I had to remind myself of at least 15 times per day. You are a superhero! You just grew a baby! Take your time to get back into those jeans, to do your hair/makeup, to get back into exercising. The one thing I made sure I did every day was take 45 minutes to myself to shower, this helped me feel good about myself at the start of my day. Having a newborn, you realize you do not have much time for yourself to do the small things. Just e kind to yourself and give yourself grace.

2.Ask For Help

– I always want to just do everything myself, I feel like that’s the only way to get it done quickly and the way I want it done. WRONG! You have a tribe of people around you willing and wanting to help. Utilize it! Do not burn yourself out when you have a newborn to take care of. A healthy mom equals a healthy baby. Do not be ashamed or feel bad for asking for help when you need it.


– I mentioned earlier about making sure I showered each day, just focusing on the little things to feel good about yourself. If I didn’t shower, I would take a hot bubble bath with face masks, they’d be quick but definitely helped me feel better about myself. Resting is another way to focus on your self-care. Make sure you sleep when your baby sleeps IF you are able to. I know, I know its easier said than done. If you cannot sleep when the baby sleeps then try getting some if you have someone there to help you. There have been times I’ve asked for help so I can just shower or take a nap. Don’t be ashamed of it, you need it and deserve it.

These were just my top 3, I have so many more tips, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. I encourage you to try these out. If there are any others you are using that you find really help with recovery, please share below!

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