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The 5 Wardrobe Basics You Need in Your Closet

The 5 Wardrobe Basics You Need In Your Closet
Good Morning lovelies, woo we’re finally through Valentine’s Day! Who else felt like last week was one of the longest weeks of their life? I mean it seemed to drag on so slow for me. I get so many DM’s asking what are my top 5 basics that I must have in my closet so, I decided to share them with you today. I am also going to share the 5 ways I decide if the basic is a must have.

My first must have is the lace detail V-neck cami or a white V-neck T-shirt, both of these pieces are my favorite when it comes to layering. They can be super versatile whether you’re getting dressed up, or just wanting to wear it for a casual outing. I typically pair either of them with everything from jeans and cardigans to pencil skirts and blazers.

Next, is a light weight neutral cardigan, I am a sucker for a soft light weight cardigan. I always go for the neutral colors so that I can pair them with different outfit styles. my favorite way to style them is with leggings.

Free People Jeans are another one of my basics that of course, everyone needs in their closet. We all know how hard it can be to find a good pair jeans that are of good quality and fit just right. These free people are my absolute favorite and my typical go to, I have them in white and black also.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are last but definitely not least! I never understood what the hype was about these leggings until I purchased them for myself and oh my goodness, y’all! I have definitely been missing out, these are the best leggings I have ever owned! They are a splurge, but this is one of the items that has such great quality that they will last you for a long time. They fit you in all the right places and look super flattering. I tend to wear these for any kind of event such as dressing up or just running errands round town. This is definitely a purchase you will not regret.

5 ways I decide if a basic is a must have:
It’s a better long-term investment to buy high quality pieces that last for several seasons.
Opt for a mix of classic pieces and trend driven updates
3.Form and Function
Your clothes should be both practical and beautiful
Stock your closet with pieces that can work for multiple occasions, outfits, and seasons.
Your clothes should be a reflection of your current personal style.

With these 5 wardrobe basics, you have all the necessities you need to create different looks without spending more money on outfits. Share with me your wardrobe basic must haves.



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