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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Happy Thursday!!

I am so excited! The Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is FINALLY HERE!! This is the biggest sale of the year! For those of you that don’t know this event occurs every year in the middle of July. Nordstrom drops hundreds of new items that are majorly discounted. This is the time that I purchase all of my staple items i.e. boots, sweaters, scarves, etc..

When wanting to shop this sale you want to prepare yourself, they have so many fabulous items you’ll want to buy them all! What I typically do is, I go through my closet and I pretty much take inventory of what I currently have, donate what I do not need/do not wear anymore, and then take note of what I need. This helps get a better idea of what I need so I do not go and buy unnecessary items.

I bet you’re now thinking… so when can I shop? For Nordstrom card holders you can start shopping this event early on Thursday July 13th! If you don’t have a card you can sign up for one here! For those do not want to sign up for a card, it is open to the public on July 21st. I highly suggest you sign up for their card; the early access is WORTH IT! There are many hot items that sell out during the early access before the public even gets a chance to see it!

I will be sharing with y’all some of my favorite items! Check them out below!!



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