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No Spend January

It is officially January 1st! Happy New Year everyone. Every year I like to do No spend January, I typically go overboard during the holidays with hosting parties, buying decorations, and gifts. This month is the month I give my bank account a break. 

If you haven’t heard of this yet, today is your lucky day! There is still time to start! It is just like it sounds you stop spending your money on all the unnecessary items that you really do not need and only spend items on your bills and groceries of course. 

Let’s start with budgeting, my husband uses an excel sheet every month to budget and track our spending. I’ll see if I can get him to send to me so I can share with you all. This is always a hard challenge for me because I absolutely LOVE to shop. I’m the person that wishes the UPS man would hide my packages from husband. Lol. 

Below I am sharing the rules I have set for myself and husband so we can crush this No spend January and save some extra money. (BTW I am saying this NOW. His birthday is this month, so I went ahead and purchased his birthday gift in December.)  

Plan out our weekly menu (which we normally do but need to be more consistent with sticking to it.) 

No eating out 

Plan date nights at home or at no cost around the city 

No unnecessary shopping 

Have self-discipline and faith in yourself! You can do this!




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