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My Top 3 Quick & Easy Snack Ideas

Top 3 Quick & Easy Snack IdeasI love to snack, I have always eaten snacks before I eat a meal. I know not good, but I just love little snacks. It’s easier for me to eat snacks through out the day because I am always on the go and do not always have the time to stop and eat lunch.
Here lately, Mia has been obsessed with lunchables, but I noticed she eats her turkey and cheese together without the crackers. One of our fave go to snacks are turkey and cheese roll ups, we like to use the jalapeño pepper jack cheese. I’ve always liked a little kick to my food, and I think Mia has taken after me because she is loving spicy foods lately.
I usually switch up my snacks so I do not get tired of having the same snacks every day, some days I want something sweet and other I may want something salty. I am sharing my top 3 go to snacks below. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite snacks are, I’d love to try them!

My Go to Snacks:
1. Turkey + Cheese Roll Ups
2. Watermelon with Tajin Seasoning
3.Cheese Cubes, Crackers, + Olives



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