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My First Mother’s Day

This year I got to celebrate Mother’s Day as a Mother for the first time. This past month and a half of being a mother I have learned so much. Learning about parenthood and watching how quickly my daughter has changed in just a little over 5 weeks. These past 5 weeks have been the best times of my life but also the most challenging times.

Going into a new holiday and celebrating it differently for the first time was odd, but exciting. We spent a simple day together as a family and I truly enjoyed it. I wanted to take the time and slow down to really soak in this first Mother’s Day and we did just that. To start off, I got to sleep in and many of you know that as a mom and a new mom at that you don’t typically get to sleep in that often if at all. We went to church, then went downtown to this cute little brunch cafĂ© called The Honeymoon, we then came home and cuddled with our baby girl Mia and just soaked in the rest of the afternoon of Mother’s Day. It was simple, sweet, and just perfect.

I am not sure how we will celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the future, but I will always be grateful and thankful for how my first Mother’s Day turned out. I’ve learned in this short month and a half how beautiful being a mother is, but I have also learned how hard, tiring, and messy it can be. But I am thankful for every moment along this journey because being a mother is rewarding and completely worth it.
my first mothers day



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