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Monogram Gift Ideas For Her

Monogram gift guide for her
Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I am excited because my first gift guide for her is now live! I put a lot of work into finding the right items that would be great all the way around for everyone. Monogram clothing/items are super cute and in right now, so I thought I would share some of my top picks! All of my picks are from shop I love Jewelry! So let’s get into it!

1. Monogram Belle Beanie
Beanies are HUGE this season!! This one is my favorite and it comes in a couple of different colors. They have a great variety of hats/beanies on their page to choose from.

2.Isabella Oversized Initial Necklace
If you do not know what gift to give someone this necklace is perfect for you! it’s simple yet cute and at such a great price.

3. Monogram Ameilia Tote
This bag right here is one of my favorites! It is so spacious and with being a mom I can not only carry my stuff but my daughters stuff as well. I hate just carrying a diaper bag around, sometimes I want to look stylish to. lol. This bag also comes in a couple of different colors.

4. Monogram Liza Lace-up dress
I am always on the go and this dress is just perfect to throw on and get stuff done. It’s casual yet cute and the lace detail is my favorite part!

5. Monogram Serena Sherpa Vest
Who doesn’t love Sherpa?! I even bought a Sherpa blanket! this fabric is sooo soft!! Vests are definitely in right now and perfect for this cold weather!

6.Monogram Zoe Pullover
This pullover is so cute and comfy. This is perfect for winter time and being on the go! such a great gift to give!

7.Monogram Cozy Slippers
What a perfect gift to give with the pajama set! These slippers are simple but cute when you add the monogram to them.

8.Monogram Chloe Duck Boots
I am allll about boots this season! Any kind of boot and what better gift to give than a pair of monogram duck boots! The shop has different varieties of boots if you do not like the duck boots.

9. Striped Monogram Pajama Set
How cute is this pajama set?! What’s even better about this set is that they also have matching children ones! I have a pair of their pajamas and when I say this is the comfiest set I own, I mean it! I never want to take them off.

Can’t believe we’re only 21 days until Christmas! if you’re a last minute shopper like me, I hope this guide is helpful for you!



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