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Meet Our Son: Kru’s Birth Story

Meet Our Son: Kru’s Birth Story
On Saturday October 24th, we welcomed our son Kru Joseph into the world. He arrived two weeks early and we couldn’t be happier to have these extra two weeks with him. He was born at 7:27am weighing 7lbs 7oz., let’s just say his lucky number 7. As you all know we waited until delivery to find out the birth and the first moments of us meeting him will be memories I will cherish forever.

The first moments of us holding him, seeing him open his eyes for the first time and just getting to bond with him was one of the best moments of my life. Something about all the newborn/infant baby cuddles gives me all the baby fever. Let’s jump into his birth story.
Kru is now five weeks old, I am not sure how that is even possible. It seems like the sleepless nights are so long, but my days seem to be flying by faster than I can even blink. I was pregnant with Kru for 38 weeks, I went into labor with him on the day I turned 38 weeks. I think that Mia having me do the baby mama dance with her the day before putting me into labor. Lol. She had me do that dance at least 20 times over and over. The night before I went into labor I had extremely bad back pain and the next day the pain subsided, but I did sleep most of the day and didn’t feel well.

Meet Our Son: Kru’s Birth Story
By about 6:50pm that Friday night I started to have contractions, Effram had just left to get us dinner and I called him and told him I think he better just turn around. My first set of contractions started about 15 minutes apart then by the third they were 10 minutes apart and jumped to less than 4 minutes apart. My contractions jumped to less than two minutes apart in less than an hour. I was so surprised because that was my first-time having contractions during this pregnancy.

Once we arrived to the hospital, they checked our temps and got me set up in a room to be checked out to make sure this was the real deal. I was already 5cm dilated and contractions were intense and less than a minute apart. Once they set me up in a room it was about 9:30pm and I ended getting my epidural around 1:30am. Those 7 hours or so having contractions were the longest hours in my life. I was worried I would end up having the baby without the epidural and I am not sure I would have been strong enough to endure that.

Meet Our Son: Kru’s Birth Story
By the time I got the epidural I was able to try and get some rest, not a lot though. At about 6am that Saturday morning my doctor came in and broke my water. I can’t believe I was over 9cm dilated and my water hadn’t broken yet. Once she broke it about 10 minutes later, I was at 10cm. at about 6:45am I was ready to push BUT my doctor was delivering another baby, so the nurses were telling me not to push and to hold on for the doctor to finish. Once she was available, I started to push at about 7:15am and he was here at 7:27am, 12 minutes later.

My doctor didn’t shout out the gender to let us know if it were a boy or a girl, they handed me my baby and told me to look down. It was a BOY! My husband wanted a boy so bad; I am glad he got his boy. Let me tell you he’s only been here 5 short weeks and those two are attached at the hip, I love it. He did spend a couple of days in the NICU but a couple of days later we received the all clear to bring him home.

Meet Our Son: Kru’s Birth Story
It seems like I blinked and here I am 5 weeks later writing his birth story and asking myself how it has already been 5 weeks. I know that once I return to work that time is really going to fly by so I am soaking up every minute I can with both of my babies.



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