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Making Time For Yourself with Smile Brilliant

Making Time For Yourself with Smile Brilliant
As moms we have many different roles, we’re wives, business women, and most importantly moms which in almost every circumstance we are teachers, nurses, counselors etc… I mean come on! We’re raising tiny humans… I know! It sounds crazy to me also. This is why I am here talking about making time for yourself with Smile Brilliant.
Making Time For Yourself with Smile Brilliant
I say take care of yourself because I know how easy it is to lose sight of yourself and keep the focus on tour family/job. I struggled with this more than half of the 11 months I’ve had Mia. It’s something I always felt guilty of doing, thinking all my free time should be spent with Mia. I just started to put myself first sometimes and by doing so I started using smile brilliant! I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened and now I can do it from the comfort of my own home! That’s a HUGE win! I’m taking care of myself and spending time with Mia at once, what a WIN!
Making Time For Yourself with Smile Brilliant
I’ve been using smile brilliant for over a month now and I am loving my results! The trays are custom fitted, so no worries on stressing if they’re going to fit your teeth or not. And the best part is you don’t have to leave your house to go get fitted for them! They send the molding kit to your home and it’s simple to use!
Making Time For Yourself with Smile Brilliant
After you mail moldings back in your custom trays will arrive a couple of weeks later. Now it’s time to start the whitening process. They recommend 45 minutes – 3 hours when whitening, so I do mine in the evening before bed. I do this while cleaning, studying or playing with baby Mia. Once your time is up just rinse your mouth and the trays out and place your trays back in the container. See how simple/easy this is!
Making Time For Yourself with Smile Brilliant
I know you are eager to get started with this neat home teeth whitening process, there is a giveaway!Check it out here!! How awesome is that, but if you don’t want to wait for the giveaway there’s a discount code you can use to get 15% off your order it’s lifetoshay.


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  1. That’s an interesting way to look at some self care. Yes, it is time spent with self and so important to just enjoy that time you pamper yourself. This looks like a great product

  2. jen says:

    I’ve always wanted to give this product a try. Glad I saw this!

  3. wow I didn’t know you could do this at home! I really need teeth whitening! Checking out the giveaway!

  4. The results you are seeing are awesome. I want to check this out!

  5. Megan says:

    I did teeth whitening years ago, and it really did make a difference. Maybe I need a round two!

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