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Life Update: Mia’s in a toddler bed now

Life Update: Mia's in a toddler bed now
Happy Wednesday Y’all!

I know you saw the title of this post… can you believe that Mia is now in a toddler bed?! Time really does seem to be flying by, I cannot believe she is now 3. As you know from following my Instagram stories we have been shopping around for a bed for her for quite some time. I didn’t want to get anything too big yet because I want her to grow into each bed in stages. Plus I just really like decorating and I know I’ll be switching things up in her room again.

The bed we chose is from Delta Children, they have so many different styles of beds and also other types of bedroom items. I wanted to get her a white bed to go with the style of her room and the bedding set I already purchased. This bed was really easy to put together and didn’t take much time. The instructions were easy to read and it came with the tools needed to put together. Which I love when furniture is sent with everything that is needed, it makes it so much easier.

We surprised Mia with her “big girl” bed for her birthday because that is all she had been asking for. The first week was GREAT! She was really excited to go to bed, she slept through the night, and would even sleep in. She was obsessed and still is with her new bed, we cannot get her out of room most days.

Getting her this bed was one of the best choices we made, it is the perfect size for her to get in and out of. It has safety rails on the side, I am happy I do not have to worry about her falling out of the bed even though she does still sleep wild.



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