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Las Vegas 1 year anniversary trip

Las Vegas One Year Anniversary Trip

Las Vegas One Year Anniversary Trip

Las Vegas One Year Anniversary Trip

Las Vegas One Year Anniversary Trip

Las Vegas One Year Anniversary Trip

Las Vegas One Year Anniversary Trip

Happy Friday guys! I am here to share all the deets and fun things we did while we were in Las Vegas for our anniversary trip! I tried to capture the moments while on the trip, but we also committed to spending time together and not always being on our phones. Which I was glad we did, we have been so busy with work and raising baby Mia that sometimes you just need to unplug.

We stayed 3 nights, which for me was perfect. It was my first time going to Vegas, so I was excited to experience it all! But first, I am going to be real here and tell you a quick story! So the night we left we literally almost missed our flight TWO seconds! My husband hates waiting at the airport so I let him talk me into not leaving as early, dumb move I know. So we finally arrive and check out luggage and get in line for security. (next time I’m going to do TSA precheck) There was only one person at security so the line was really long, we only had about 40 minutes until our flight took off, pushing it I know. Finally they get someone to help with the security line and we get through only to have my husband stopped because he put a huge bottle of lotion in his carry on bag. He told me to go without him so I had to run across the Houston airport. Clearly I am out of shape because I get almost to our gate and he came up beside me. We made it just before they closed the doors, I tell you this never again will we wait to go to the airport.
We took a late flight so when we landed it was 11pm Vegas time 1am Houston time. I was tired! Once we landed we did rent a car, this was a great idea and really worked for us because we did go outside of the city to see different things. I would warn you though that if you do decide to rent a car be prepared to pay for parking if you’re going anywhere on the strip or to Fremont street.

We are super simple so when it came to eating out we didn’t go to crazy for lunch and really splurged for our dinners. We of course had to eat at Johnny Rockets which was in our hotel the first night we were there. I haven’t had that in forever and their milkshakes are to die for! For our anniversary dinner we ate at this restaurant called Twin Creeks. This restaurant was nice and was quiet, the ambiance was just perfect.

The must dos while in Vegas are, walking the strip. You must walk the entire strip. You must experience it all. As we walked the strip the first day we ended up in different art galleries. (which is one of my favorite things to do.) We went into different casinos and of course I played slots at each one, but not much I work too hard to gamble all my money away. Next on my must do list is The Seven Magic Mountains. This is just on the side of the highway about 15 minutes outside of Las Vegas. The Seven Magic Mountains are colorful boulders out in the desert. To me they’re art, so when my friend told me about them I added them to my must do list while there. Last, you must go to the pool or to one of the pool parties. Just experiencing that energy while in Vegas was fun! You just relax have a drink and chill out by the pool, not a worry in sight. We plan on going back because I feel that there was so much more we missed doing but 2 full days in Vegas was enough for me, I was missing my baby girl back home.

Hope y’all enjoyed! Please leave any tips or fun things you did in Vegas for the next time we go!



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  1. Sounds like you had some serious fun there! The airport run sounds so scary though, gladly you made it on time

  2. Looks like you had fun! We are going to Las Vegas for the first time in September.

  3. This looks like such a good trip. I’ve never been to Vegas. These will be amazing things to do when I finally get to visit Vegas!!

  4. Looks like you had a fun trip! I think 3 nights is the perfect amount of time in Vegas.

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