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How To Stay Organzied In 2019

Good Morning Loves and happy Monday. Can you believe we are almost through the first month of 2019?? I told myself early on that I want to be more organized this year, actually hold myself accountable to a planner, clearing out the clutter in my home, and just keeping everything neat and simple. I mentioned what I wanted to do a few times to my husband but I don’t think he really believed me. I only say that because he had a strange look on his face when I came home with glass containers and baskets to clean out the pantry. Today I am sharing with you all some of my favorite pieces that is making this process much easier.
How to stay organized in 2019

I have always utilized my calendar on my phone when scheduling my days out but there is something about writing everything out that helps me stay organized and on schedule. This planner is perfect for me, it has large enough squares on the month so I can fit more than one appointment that I may have on that specific day. Plus it has a notes section, this helps me because I like to keep track if anything out of the norm may happen on that day or week.


I came home with like 6 or so baskets for the pantry and my husband just looked at me like I was crazy. lol! But guys!! Let. Me. Tell. You!! This was a HUGE game changer in how neat our pantry looked once it was complete!

3.Glass Storage Containers

I need to go purchase I think one more set of these. I just love the overall clean look they give the pantry verses having so many boxes cluttered in the corner.

<4.Makeup Organizer

I have had my makeup organizer for some time now and I absolutely love it. It helps me not only stay organized but also only keep what I truly use and need. I have this exact one and it sits on our bathroom countertop.

5.Bathroom Storage Baskets

These right here are a life saver. I have them in my daughters bathroom and I have all of her stuff now organized. She has a ton of bath toys, bows, wash cloths, bath wash, etc… These baskets keep everything organized and also makes it easier to find what I need.XO,



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