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How To Start a Blog Part 1

I am always asked what your top tips for starting a blog are. There are so many tips to really discuss but I will break this post into 3 tips. So much goes into successfully launching a blog, not many people realize it until there on this side of the screen. You have to decide what is your blog name going to be, niche, what site is going to host your website. It can all be very overwhelming; I tell others to take it one day at a time. You can’t do it all in one day there is absolutely no way. 

Deciding your Blog Name: 

This can be tough one; you want your name to really tie into your brand and who you are. Your blog name needs to fit your niche. Your niche could be anything from fitness, fashion, lifestyle, etc.. the list goes on. Do your research. I have my blog name Life to Shay as my Instagram and Twitter handle as well. This helps me with consistency and not confusing my readers. 


Before I launched my blog I had already written and posted on my website. This is what attracts your readers! They are drawn into the attention grabbing photos you take or the catchy post titles you create. Content is the most important overall on your website! This is going to keep your audience coming back to check out your website. You need to know what your audience wants to see whether its fashion or DIY projects. Again, your goal is to keep them coming back. 

Maintain Your Blog:

You have to keep up with your blog, there is nothing worse than one of your readers going to your page to only see your blog post from 2 months ago and nothing updated. This has been the hardest for me, sometimes you get writers block or you’re just not feeling inspired or motivated. We have to shake it off and keep pushing. 

I have more tips coming your way next week! Remember take one bite at a time and do not rush the process. It will not all happen over night and even 2 years from now you will still be tweaking something to make it even better. Continue to do your research and keep going. You go this! Comment your websites below so I can go check them out! 





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