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How To Plan A Family Staycation

How To Plan A Family Staycation
Let’s discuss staycations.. How to Plan a Family Staycation at that. I always enjoy giving Mia new experiences even if that experience is a few miles away I our home city. We haven’t had the opportunity to travel in the last two years due to the pandemic and decided on going on a staycation at The Woodlands Resort. Its fun to be tourists in your own city! There is so much we still have not experienced here and we’ve lived here our entire lives. We have done this a few times so I am going to share with you How to Plan a Family Staycation.

What is a Family Staycation?

I kind of described it above but a staycation is trip you take within the city you live in. You can do family staycations, couple staycations, girls staycation, etc.… This is a fun way to get out of the house to get away without having to really travel anywhere. These are the best.
How To Plan A Family Staycation

Kid Friendly Hotels or Resorts

This piece right here is the most important one in my opinion. When choosing your hotel/resort look at the amenities they offer. The Woodlands resort was perfect for kids! They had a huge pool with water slides, basketball, and a lazy river. They also had a café with milk shakes, offered outdoor movies nights, and you can make your own S’mores while watching the movie. Mia absolutely LOVED IT! She is my baby that loves to travel! If she had it her way she would stay in a hotel every other night. She just enjoys experiencing new things.
How To Plan A Family Staycation

Schedule the Amenities

When it comes to doing everything on your list for your staycation, I suggest scheduling it. We spent most of our time at the pool, but they do have specific hours they are open. Which worked out perfect because when we were done with the pool, we were able to clean up and have dinner just in time to enjoy the outdoor movie.
How To Plan A Family Staycation
We only spent one night away at the resort, but it was such a great way to disconnect and enjoy quality time together. Mia is already planning our next trip back for a staycation.

You can check out our Staycation we had at Hotel Alessandra HERE.



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