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How I Started Blogging

How I Started Blogging
I get so many questions on how and why I started my blog. Today marks the first post on my blogging tips series here on Life to Shay. I am so excited to share this story with you all and give you all the behind the scenes details on how my passion was brought to life.

I have always had a passion for writing, photography, and being creative. If you are anywhere near my age (29) then you know that during our middle and high school years we all walked around with our digitals cameras taking pictures of us with our friends so we could post on our Myspace accounts. Wow! I feel old. HaHa. It was during my high school year I found the passion for these hobbies of mine. Fast forward to 2013 or so I found Pinterest, I saw a few bloggers who were so confident and shared there outfits and life experiences all for the world to see. I wanted to do that, it all clicked but I was scared. Scared of what people would think, so I didn’t start one. All. Because. Of. FEAR.
How I Started Blogging
Then it was April of 2017, I just had my daughter and was on maternity leave from work. I was so bored; I am used to working 50+ hours a week. Going from nonstop working to sitting at home was a huge adjustment for me. It was then that I finally decided to start my website. I had no idea what I was doing. I did so much research on Pinterest to figure what hosting site was best, YouTube videos to learn how to code and how to start a newsletter. I wrote a few blog posts and added them to site. It was Mother’s Day of 2017 that I launched my blog and shared it with everyone. Don’t get me wrong I was nervous of what everyone would think. But y ’all, I was so proud of myself. I finally put all my fears aside and just took a leap of faith.

Here we are 2 years in and I learn so much about the blogging and influencer industry everyday. I have met so many wonderful women through this community. My favorite part about this community is that its just that… a community. We lift each other up and help when it’s needed. I still work with my job full time and enjoy running my blog part time. If you are questions right now whether you should start a blog and you’re hesitant because you’re afraid of what people will think then just do it. Who cares what they think, this is about you and your passion.

How I Started Blogging



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