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Four Chocolate Flavors You Need To Try

Four Chocolate Flavors You Need To Try
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Hi lovelies,
Can you believe its almost Valentine’s Day?! I have found the perfect product that is great for everyone! Who doesn’t love chocolate for Valentines Day, Ethos has really great chocolate with different flavors. There are many reasons why I enjoy this product and feel that it is great for my family. So, let’s get into it!
First, did you know that Ethos chocolate is custom made of GMO ingredients such as beet sugar and fruit flavoring? There are so many benefits to GMO produced products for the environment, includes less water and fewer chemicals. Fewer chemicals helps make it much healthier for family, friends, and yourself. With utilizing GMO ingredients in their product this also helps with the use of less pesticides, which in return helps with the sustainability. I am all for sustainability and fewer chemicals in my food that not only I eat but also that I feed my friends and family. Now that Mia, my almost 2-year-old is getting older I like introducing her to new foods and of course sweets. When I found out about this product I instantly was excited mainly because they utilize fewer chemicals.
Next, how cute are these packages? Ethos chocolates are perfect for a Galantine’s party with your best gal pals! This package came with 4 types of chocolate, which included, The Trendsetter an Apple Chocolate, The Survivor a Papaya Chocolate, The Optimist a Cacao Chocolate, and The Hero an Orange chocolate. I have to say my favorite out of the four was the apple chocolate and my daughter is obsessed with the orange chocolate. Also, these fruit flavored chocolates would be great items to pair with your wine and cheese at your party. Mia and I decided to have our own Galantine’s party but just went straight for the chocolate.
What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? If you are wanting to take a fresh look at some fresh product, I highly suggest you check out these fruit flavored chocolates by Ethos. They are so good, guys!
Four Chocolate Flavors You Need To Try
Four Chocolate Flavors You Need To Try



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