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Hello Lovies,

I am so excited to be sharing my five favorite beauty products I use when creating certain looks. The beauty products in the picture above are my absolute must haves and here’s why I love each item!

This foundation is a light coverage liquid foundation. It’s good for all types of skin, this is my favorite foundation to use when I want a casual look. I mean the name of the foundation gives it away! It’s perfect when you want that coverage on your face but also want it to look natural, as if you aren’t wearing any makeup. I typically use this foundation when I am out and about going grocery shopping or just to hang out with friends. I REALLY like this one!

When I tell you I am very picky with my eyeliner take that and multiply that by ten and that’s really how picky I am. I spent over an hour in Sephora just trying to find the “perfect” eyeliner when they were out of the one I usually get. After an hour I decided on the Marc Jacobs eyeliner, when I tell you that this was the best eyeliner I’ve gotten… I MEAN it! This eyeliner is long lasting and doesn’t smudge! This one is “blaquer 10” definitely check this one out if you want a long lasting eyeliner.

I typically get the ultra-matte liquid lipstick from colour pop and there is a reason why I choose this one over the ultra-satin liquid lipstick. The ultra-matte dries completely to a matte finish unlike the ultra-satin. Which help create a long lasting lipstick that I maybe have to freshen up once a day if even that. This one is my go to look, it’s a simple nude called “Chi” and it goes with almost every look I have. I go to colour pop for all of my lippies,, the price is very reasonable and the product is amazing!

    Fenty Beauty Foundation:

When I say this product really did it for me…I MEAN it REALLY did it for me! The first day I tried it out I was amazed! The coverage you get with this foundation makes your skin glow and look flawless!! Also, this is the first foundation that I have EVER had that lasted all day. With this foundation I don’t even have to use a primer; you get that photo finish look you want. This foundation is used almost every day, typically it’s the product I use to get the right look when I am going to work or out with friends to have a good time. There are different ways to put this foundation on, you can use the beauty blender, a foundation brush, or some use their hands. It doesn’t matter what you use to put it on, it still comes out looking fabulous!

    Fenty Beauty Contour:

I really loved how the foundation looked but when I tied the contour in with it… man that did the trick. It really tied the look together for me. Rihanna really did her thing when she created this make up line. I have never really been one to use contour products, I always had simple make up looks. I decided to test it out when I bought the foundation and man have I been missing out on these contour looks! This product is really light and it just rolls right on. I use a contour angled blending brush to really tie it into my foundation, it blends very smoothly. This product is definitely a must buy when purchasing the foundation!



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  1. Daire says:

    Love these picks, I’ll have to try some of these out. I tend to be an eyeliner snob too! I’ve been wondering about the Fenty line, so I may have to snag a couple of the products!

  2. I’m so happy to see that contour made this list, because I truly feel as though I do not have a face until I’ve added this, haha! Love me some matte lipstick and highly approve of the rest!! <3

  3. Molly says:

    Great products! I love to try new beauty products, so I’m going to have to give these a whirl!

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