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Favorite Workout Gear

favorite workout gear
favorite workout gear
favorite workout gear
favorite workout gear
favorite workout gear
Happy Wednesday!!
WOW what a day/week it has been guys! so many crazy things have happened and I am ready for the weekend! I have 1 day left of work and then its a three day weekend for me, I cannot wait. Today is workout Wednesday, so I am sharing my favorite workout gear with you all. I have so many different workout pants/tops and shoes but I only have a few favorite staple workout items. Let’s get started!

The workout pants I am wearing are from Forever21! So crazy because who would think… workout gear and forever21? Their workout pants are the comfiest, I have them in many different colors. I am so picky when it comes to workout pants because I am not a fan of workout shorts. I don’t have a particular reason why, I just don’t like them. i’m a weirdo I know lol. These pants aren’t see-through, they fit perfect not too tight but not too lose, and easy stretch to workout.

My shoes.. oh my shoes lol. I had my husband go with me to so many stores to find this pair in my size in this color. I know I should’ve ordered them online but… I couldn’t wait for shipping. lol. Patience is not a virtue of mine. These shoes are the comfiest shoes I’ve owned! If I could wear them everyday I would. They are perfect to go running in.

I typically get my workout tops, sports bras, and jackets from Victoria’s Secret. My jacket I am wearing is from forever21 also. I got this jacket to go with my workout pants. I don’t usually wear jackets to workout in but I do wear them before I go to the gym and when I leave the gym. I am always constantly cold, no matter what I always have to have a jacket with my because yes really even after a I get cold.

These are just a few of my favorite workout gear. Leave what your favorite/staple workout items are below in the comments! Goodnight loves!



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