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My Favorite City to Travel

Hello Loves,

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of visiting New York City, when I was a junior in high school I took my first trip to New York City and I instantly fell in love with the city. Now 10 years later I’ve been over ten times, something about it has me going back. The business of the city, the hot dogs stands on the corners, the PIZZA, the action in time square, and of course the strolls through central park are all of what keeps me returning. I can tell you I’ve gone with my church, with my friends, and for work, in all of those ten times in going I have always done something different! Here is my top 5 list of must do’s when traveling to New York.

1.Central park

There is so much to do & see in central park, I typically like to just walk the trails and sit on the benches. This is relaxing for me; it’s a great get away from all of the noisy city streets. There is ice skating, the central park zoo, baseball fields, soccer fields, rocks you can climb on to get a higher view of the park etc… I enjoy going in the fall, to me that is when it’s prettiest.

New York City Central park

2.Time Square

Time Square is the place EVERYONE goes to see when in New York City, there are tons of restaurants and shopping along the streets in Time Square. This is where the New Years Ball drops every year, this is where you can see the famous naked cowboy that everyone poses pictures with, and this is where you can you get the chance to be on the big screen in Time Square. It’s very busy day and night filled with people, so if you’re in a group make sure you keep up with one another, make sure you enjoy it and go buy some candy from the Hershey store!

Times Square

3.Empire State Building

If you want to get an awesome view of New York City I suggest you go to the Empire State building. You can get a great view on the 86th floor of the observatory which is the one I chose to do since I am slightly terrified of heights. But you can get an even better view 16 floors above the 86th floor! You can see spectacular views of the city and even further, also if you choose to go past the 86th floor to get a better view you get to ride in the elevator and wouldn’t have to climb all of those stairs. No matter which view level you choose you can walk around the building to get different views of the city, it simply is breath taking.

Empire State Building

4.Statue of Liberty

If you want to see the Statue of Liberty (which is a must do while in NYC) make sure you buy your tickets in advance, if not you will have to wait in long lines. Bring snacks and drinks because the trip will take about 4 hours total depending on if you decide to climb the 377 steps and don’t forget to add in time for the ferry and the security lines. Once you get there, there a so many things you can do such as the junior ranger tour, the museum, and don’t forget to grab the free audio tour!

Statue of Liberty

5.Broadway Shows

Seeing Broadway shows is an absolute must do while in New York, I see one every time I go my top 3 favorites so far are Chicago, Tarzan, and Wicked! The shows are great, the fun part about going to broadway shows is getting dressed up with friends for a great night out!
Broadway Shows NYC



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