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The Best Amazon Organization + Storage Items

The Best Amazon Organization + Storage Items
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Happy New Years cuties! We have officially made it through 2020 and though I had one of my biggest blessings (baby Kru) I am very thankful we can put the year behind us. This weekend is all about cleaning, organizing, and working on my vision board for the new year. With that I thought why not share with you all the best amazon organization + storage items.

With being mom to a toddler and an infant I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning and organizing. I went on a little spree on amazon to find some great organization + storage items for my Kitchen, pantry, and bathroom. My goal is to stay disciplined in maintaining the organization through the year so I am not constantly looking for things or placing items where they do not belong. Let’s jump into it!

The Best Amazon Kitchen Organization Finds

1. I would have to say my absolute favorite item out of all these is the under the counter organizers for pans, storage lids, and cutting boards. I struggle with finding the pans I needed before because they were just tossed in the cabinet.
2. I have these clear bins for our pantry to hold our rice, oatmeal, pasta, cereal, etc… and I LOVE them. They make the pantry look so clean. What’s even better is that they come with labels!
3. Next are the clear bins for the pantry and fridge, it just makes everything look so much nicer not being in a cardboard box. I started placing the bins on the bottom shelves of the pantry for Mia. That way if she wants a snack (which she still needs to ask for it) she is able to reach it. This has been a huge help for us and a major plus because she loves being able to get it on her own.

The Best Amazon Organization + Storage Items

The Best Amazon Bathroom Organization Finds

I enjoy all of these organization items; they have been a game changer for sure in our bathroom.
1. First up is the hot tools organizer that hangs on your cabinet door. This is great because I used to keep them all in a basket and they would all just tangled together. It feels great to actually have a place for them. Plus, my husband is glad that I’m not leaving them lying around anymore. LOL.
2. Then there’s the shower holders that suction to the wall of the shower. This helps us keep all of our bodywash, shampoo, conditioners etc… off the bench of our shower.
3. Lastly are my makeup organizers and drawer organizers. These help me keep track of what I have and when I need to refresh product. It is also helpful that I have it all in one place where I can see them instead of being tucked away in makeup bags.
The Best Amazon Organization + Storage Items
These are just a few of The Best Amazon Organization + Storage Items. You can shop these items by clicking on the pictures or going to the shop tab here on my page. I appreciate you all for supporting me and my blog!! if you need any more ideas you can always check out the shop tab here on my page. Don’t forget to share this post and follow me on Instagram @Lifetoshay. Happy New Year babes! I hope you all have the best one yet!!



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