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3 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

These days I feel like I am running around like crazy trying to get so many things accomplished. At the end of the day I feel drained, unhappy, and like I did not get anything done. I am breaking this cycle in 2020. I have been diving deep to find what really works for me and how I can manage everything going on. 

I find that I spread myself too thin at times and forget to take time for “me”. Me time doesn’t have to be going to the spa, on a trip, or spending any money at all. You can simply have your “me” time by taking a hot bubble bath, ready a book, going for a walk. There are so many ways to change your mind set around. You may think what does me time have to do with being more productive? If you are not happy then you’re setting yourself up to not accomplish anything. You must take care of you so you can be a better you for everyone around you. 

I thought it would be fun today to share with you all my top 3 tips I’ve been using to be more productive.

1.Be Organized + Create Lists

I have always been OCD when it comes to organization and having to have things a certain way. I lost track of that during the holidays, so I have felt really out of whack. I truly enjoy making a list, I have notebooks for different projects I am working on between blogging, social media influencing, WORK, and being a mom, I have MANY to do lists. This is how I function on a day to day basis. Between notebooks and notes on my phone I am not sure how else I would get through the day. There is something so nice about writing it down and then crossing it off, you feel that real since of accomplishment at the end of the day when your list is complete. 

2.Work Out + Go Outside 

It is hit or miss with me when I work out. I always tell myself “I don’t have time” well trust me if you have time to binge watch a series on Netflix then you have at least 30 minutes to work out. I can tell you though that when I do workout even if it is running only for 30 minutes on a treadmill my whole energy and mind changes. I feel GREAT and feel like I can tackle anything thrown my way. I challenge you all and myself to get outside or in a gym for at least 30 minutes a few times a week. Getting out in the sun can do wonders for you!! 

3.Be Grateful 

I like to start my days with daily affirmations, having my quiet time thanking God for another day, and for all my blessings. Whatever helps you start your day positively and helps you get the right mindset for what you need to get accomplished.




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