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Hi lovelies, 
Today I am excited to share with you all a few baby products that I am OBSESSED with! These items are my go to more than any other baby items I have. Life as a working mom is CRAZY. You are constantly on the go and if it weren’t for our families that help so much idk how we’d do it. People are right when they say it takes a village to raise a child. Lol! Well let’s get started, the first item is the dockatot. 
My 3 favorite baby items

The dockatot is handmade in Europe and is the best to have when on the go as it is ideal for the baby to sleep in and sometimes even play in. They come with different covers (that are washable!) that you can choose from and are so soft and snuggly. She sleeps so well in her dockatot, I literally bring this everywhere! It’s so easy to just pack in the car vs packing her pack in play that I know she won’t sleep in. This is my favorite item out of all of my baby items I have, it comes in two different sizes deluxe and grand. Currently we have the grand and it will continue to grow with her until she’s 36 months. 

Next, is her binxy baby. Let me tell you this is a life saver! She’s almost outgrown it but, I still have those rough days where I need to go grocery shopping and she’s cranky and tired. So I pull the binxy baby out of my car and lay her in it with her bottle. It makes grocery shopping a BREEZE and it doesn’t get in the way. She gets to enjoy her bottle and take a nap, while I grocery shop. It’s the small things that makes life a little easier on you. 

Lastly is the Ollie smart swaddle, I wish I had gotten this sooner when she was smaller because I just love it. There are still times when my 10 month old loves to be swaddled so I still use it, not as much as I used to though. When she wants to be snug as a bug in a rug I go for this swaddle. She sleeps so peacefully in this swaddle and it’s so soft! It grows with them, at the end there is a band to wrap around the excess material that gives it a mermaid tail kind of look. It comes in different colors, I leaned more toward a neutral but pretty color when getting mine. 

These pictures were taken on my Lorena canals rug! This is the SOFTEST rug and is handmade from India! The best part is that it is machine washable! I have linked it here, you should check them out! With having these items and them being my favorites, it has really driven me to shop small more often than none. I have found many great items from small business owners, I encourage you all to shop small. I know you will be satisfied and pleasantly surprised how often you reach for these items once you have them. 


P.S. These Products were given to me in exchange for an honest review. All views expressed are my own. 


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6 responses to “MY 3 FAVORITE BABY ITEMS”

  1. Love this post! 11 weeks from my due date and already have the dockatot and ollie swaddle on my registry! Thanks for making me feel confident in these products!

  2. Swaddles are the best for little babies! The dockatot looks like it would be nice for cosleeping. It’s a similar shape and size of the co-sleeper that we used.

    • shayy says:

      Yes! We used this as a cosleeper and also when she goes to her grandparents we take that with her. It’s a lot easier to pack than a pack in play lol

  3. These look like such great products!! Saving this to put on our registry when my husband and I start our family.

  4. Brittany says:

    That smart swaddle looks perfect for babes that love to be wrapped up!

  5. Misty Eilar says:

    Great choices for got to have items. We loved our rock n play. It was a life saver for someone who didnt ever want to be swaddled.

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