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2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2020 Father's Day Gift Guide
Can you believe it is already June and Father’s Day is only a week away! Crazy right? I feel like I am planning Father’s Day gifts last minute this year and still have no idea what I am going to get him. I have so many ideas/options it is just hard for me to decide on which one to do. Plus, he is hard to shop for. Typically, Mia and I do one craft for him as a little keep sake each year that he has to look back on. Those are best gifts in my opinion, I am a sucker for a simple card and a thoughtful handmade gift.
Father’s Day is a very important day for all of us. There are so many different dad personalities out there you cannot just limit them all to one category. When shopping for your dad think of what he likes and what is he really like. I listed a few of my favorite dad labels below. I get a good laugh out of a few of them because they bring a few people to mind for me and it fits them PERFECTLY.
2020 Father's Day Gift Guide
1. Outdoor Dad
2. Prankster Dad
3. Trendy Dad
4. Sports Dad

These are just a few that when I am shopping for my dad, grandpa, or husband I think of what really describes them. I like to think about what they like to do in their spare time when shopping for them. I love giving gifts and want to make sure I am getting them something they enjoy and will use.
You can shop my Father’s Day Gift Guide by using the links in my shop tab or by clicking on them. Let me know what you end up getting your father, father in law, grandpa, husband etc… for Father’s Day!


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