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20 Week Bump Date + All Things Pregnancy

20 Week Bump Date
You guys! We have officially made it to the halfway mark, I am so excited to share my 20 week bump date with you all. It’s hard to believe I am halfway through this pregnancy. To be honest I didn’t think I was going to make it through the first trimester with how sick I was. I felt like death. I am enjoying every step of this journey and trying hard to soak it all in. I know baby Barrett will be here soon! As I have shared with you all we are waiting until birth to find out the gender of our baby. We both hope it is a boy but of course we will be ecstatic with just a healthy baby.
20 Week Bump Date

This pregnancy is a little different this time around, I haven’t started planning out anything. I been pinning on Pinterest gender neutral nurseries and baby clothes, but we have not purchased anything. We haven’t even really discussed baby names. We are just taking this pregnancy slow and enjoying the journey. I know here soon I will kick it into gear and really start getting prepared for this baby.
20 Week Bump Date


My mood has been something that is different this time around than the first pregnancy. With Mia I felt normal the entire time, didn’t really have mood swings. This time around I was terribly sick the entire first trimester (I thought it was never going to end), I have had many mood swings some happy, sad, or just annoyed easily lol, and I haven’t had much of an appetite. I haven’t been overeating but then again it is hard for me to figure out what I truly want to eat. I am not sure how my husband put up with me through the entire first trimester lol, I was annoyed with myself but here we are! Beyond excited for another little baby to join our family!

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I’ll see y’all at 30 weeks! 😊



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